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Some of my favorite designed spaces.


Natural & Organic Living Space

Textures and Linens

Organic materials and neutral colors were combined to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Eclectic Dining Room

Elegant and Modern

Clients wanted a modern touch with a hint of traditional for this dining space. A combination of metals and woods made their vision a reality.



A Warm and Neutral Bedroom

Natural and Lived-In

Naturally warm wood and black accents created a space that beckons you to cozy up.

Modern Living & Dining Space

Colorful & Bold

Bachelor wanted a space with color and modern vibes. Cement-like coffee table, leather couches and vibrants colors created this wonderful combination.


French Provincial Dining Room

Cozy and Clean

The colors in this space were neutralized to creams and whites to create a timeless, yet elegant look.

Farmhouse Style Living Room

Rustic and Classy

Farmhouse style lives on through the use of aged woods and white cabinets. This design allowed for flow throughout an open concept home.

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